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R. L. Perry

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. 

My name is Rhonda Perry, and my interest in connecting with the Other Side began the day my mom passed away, which happened to be on my daughter's second birthday. That night, as I watched my little girl sleep, I thought about how much I wanted to hug my mom just one more time. As soon as the thought passed, my daughter sat up, with her eyes still closed, and reached her arms toward me. I reached back and held her tightly as I knew it was my mom's spirit coming through her. 
Over the next 20+ years, my interest in the Other Side continued to grow as I read many Sylvia Browne books, watched Long Island Medium, and had my own psychic readings. Then in 2017, I met an energy healer named Hilda, and working with her changed my life!

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Body Mind Spirit Expo

Body Mind Spirit Expo
Aug 15, 2021 by R. L. Perry
Had a wonderful weekend at the Body Mind Spirit Expo!

Cleansed in the Rain

Aug 08, 2021 by R. L. Perry
I’ve been reading Everyday Karma, and in it is an exercise about writing letters to people who hurt you. In doing the writing, you feel the pain again. Within the letter you forgive them, wish them well, and say you can’t hold on to the pain (the anger, the resentment, the whatever…..) anymore, and sign it. Once the letter is complete, you’re to put it in an envelope, seal it, and write the person's name on the envelope. Then burn the letter and envelope. As it burns, the smoke represents the hurt going away. I wrote 5 letters, including one to myself, and burned them over a pot of water on my stove. It felt great!

Oracle School

Aug 04, 2021 by R. L. Perry
School has started. Oracle School that is.

Oracle Palooza - Don't Poo Poo the Woo Woo

Oracle Palooza - Don't Poo Poo the Woo Woo
Aug 02, 2021 by R. L. Perry
This was an online virtual event hosted by Colette Baron-Reid. I felt I was with my tribe among the 4000 of us that attended from 56 countries.