Oracle School

Aug 04, 2021 by R. L. Perry
This is an 8 month journey of personal transformation that I’ve embarked on with Colette Baron-Reid and thousands of others from across the globe. I love the analogy she uses of the caterpillar that’s happily crawling along his leaf and then one day feels weird, like maybe he can fly. He’s not sure if he likes this feeling, it’s a little scary. As his body starts to change and parts die off, he gets into his cacoon. Emerging into the butterfly is hard work, he has to break out of that cacoon. If anyone helps him though, he won’t be able to fly. He has to do the work himself. And once he’s done that work, he’s a beautiful butterfly that can fly. This experience is a journey rather than a destination. By doing the hard work, which is getting in touch with myself and letting the parts that no longer serve me die off, I will come out a different person at the end, just like the butterfly.